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We are exceptional because no other barcode reseller anywhere, worldwide, offers accredited verification reports and barcode registration for the barcode numbers they sell. But because we do this, our bar codes are acceptable to many more retailers than the codes sold by other barcode vendors internationally.

We are the ONLY barcode seller in South Africa that can provide you with a GLN (Global Location Number) required by some major retailers – so use our barcode services with confidence.

We also offer a FREE registration service (with our barcode packages). This means we will register your barcodes and products on the major international barcode/product databases – no other barcode seller can do this for you.

Trustworthy – If you want cheap barcodes, you can buy 1000 barcode numbers on eBay for $16USD. BUT cheap barcodes aren’t safe to use on your products – if you use the wrong barcode numbers, it can cost you a fortune to reprint or relabel your products. We spoke with a man recently who had used the wrong barcodes and now has to relabel 40,000 bottles of wine!!! (His wife was doing the work!). Buy trustworthy barcodes here.

Do you find barcodes baffling? We did too…

We’re available, offering friendly advice and helpful service at a cost within the budget of most small businesses. We welcome your questions, so feel free to contact us. David Allis, Director

Several years ago, we were frustrated in our search for a cost-effective barcode for our new product. It looked like overkill: to get one barcode, we were expected to buy in bulk (100 or more!) and commit to a global standards organisation’s membership fee and annual subscription costs. Financially, this did not make sense.

We decided to turn our frustration into a service for other businesses and formed Barcodes South Africa (Barcodes Limited). Our goal is to offer a trustworthy, affordable, process-friendly system to people needing barcodes.

With a barcode from us, you also get:

A good price

Barcodes South Africa numbers are priced reasonably: there is no “membership” fee and no ongoing costs of any kind. R275 is a one-off cost for a single barcode. The more barcodes you buy, the less you pay for each number. This cost includes –
1. Barcode Number (guaranteed unique and legal)
2. Barcode Images (high quality, standard size or any size you want)
3. International Barcode Registration – protect your product and barcode
4. Guarantee certificate
5. Detailed instructions on how to use your barcode

An international EAN-13 number

Barcode South Africa numbers are EAN-13 format (or UPC-A format if that is what you want). The EAN-13 format is the official and most common type required for retail in South Africa and worldwide.

A verification service

Some retailers want a verification report from business people providing merchandise with printed bar codes. If your retailers require this from you, we can provide this report.

Rapid service

Our automated system will send you a barcode within seconds – for EAN13 retail barcodes, including CDs and DVDs, and also for GLNs (Global Location Numbers). Other orders are processed manually – depending on the time of day and what is ordered, processing can be immediate or take a maximum of 24 hours.

Cheerful and obliging care

We like being helpful, and we aim to be highly efficient and to satisfy our clients. Please read some of our recent customer feedback.

Ownership, authenticity and a guarantee

As the buyer of a barcode from us, you become the official owner of the code. As such, you’ll be the only person (or organisation) worldwide legally authorised to use this unique number. Furthermore, because we are a legal and registered company, we can offer you a certificate of authenticity for the barcode you buy from us, guaranteeing that the code is exclusively yours.

International registration

We will register your product and barcode on the major international databases for FREE (as part of our barcode packages). This is optional but very helpful; read all about our barcode registration service.

* Our barcodes are accepted by more retailers worldwide because we can provide independently accredited Verification Reports (some retailers require Verification Reports – official test scans – of all barcodes entering their stores).

Some examples of feedback from South African barcode customers

“Thank you. Everything was perfect. See you next time we need codes!” Alvaro

“You and your team are stars, now I know why you call yourselves Barcode 1team. Thank you very much, I will refer anyone who wants a barcode and an efficient service.” Lex

“Thank you. You guys are amazing.. Such Quick Service and amazing Price.. This will really help me start my small business a hopefully some day with your help I will b selling my snacks in your world. Mustura

“Would also like to thank you for the splendid service I got from your company. I will anytime advise people to make use of you.” John

“Hi David, Many thanks for your swift service and helping us alleviate exorbitant bank charges.” Roger

“Hello David, Thank you so much, will buy more from you as my range expands. Busy getting quotes for printing. That was a lot easier than I thought! Appreciate your help.” Aloma

“Thanks for the quick turnaround and the tips.” Peter

“Thanks. That’s just what I need. I’ll be back in touch when I need another.” JR

“Thanks very much for the speed of your service. I was under significant pressure to have this barcode today, so thank you very much.” LC

“Many thanks – your service is very efficient.” PB

“Thank you very much for everything.” Janet

“That’s excellent! Thanks very much for your help.” Angus

“Thanks mate, all in order!” Craig