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60 Barcode Numbers

Barcode numbers beginning with 60 are the barcode numbers that come directly from GS1 South Africa. The ONLY legal way to get numbers starting with 600 & 601 is to join GS1-South Africa. GS1 is a membership organisation. They are a membership organisation that effectively rent you barcodes. GS1 license barcodes for a yearly fee. So getting barcodes from GS1 requires filling out their membership forms and paying their fees every year.

Many people mistakenly believe that the first few digits of the barcode numbers show the country of origin of the product. However, the barcode number says NOTHING accurate about the country of origin of the product. The only thing that these first few digits show is the country of origin of the number. So, in reality, products that come from South Africa can have any barcode number on them.

If you want to demonstrate that your product is made in South Africa, then the best way to do this is to print “Made in South Africa” or something similar on the product. This is an advertising claim and must be provable if challenged.  (Some manufacturers also print “Made in South Africa” directly above the barcode to help customers).

Country of Origin

The myth of the barcode number showing the country of origin of the product is an old myth that has been thoroughly debunked. Please see this Snopes article on the origins of this myth as well as a debunking of it.

All barcodes and barcode systems are designed for international use, so there are virtually no restrictions based on the country of origin worldwide. Any specific examples of stores placing any type of restrictions on barcodes can be seen here.

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