EAN-13 Barcode Packages

EAN Barcodes are used on most retail products except for books and magazines (If you need a barcode for books or magazines click on these links. Do not order an EAN13 barcode for books or magazines.

EAN-13 barcodes are acceptable (and the most common type of barcode) world wide. Only in North America are UPC-A retail barcodes more common. If you are selling in the US or Canada, then it may be best to buy a UPC Barcode – see the differences between the formats here.

If you buy a barcode package from us below, you will receive:
1. A unique EAN-13 barcode number;
2. Barcode images (in 4 different formats: jpeg, png, svg & pdf); and
3. A guarantee certificate
4. Barcode Registration

  • EAN-13 Retail Barcode Packages

    Instant delivery – You will receive a unique EAN-13 barcode number, barcode images (in 4 formats) a request for barcode registration information, and a Guarantee Certificate by email within seconds.

    QuantityPrice per Barcode
    1R 275
    2R 260 each
    3-4R 250 each
    5 +R 220 each
    10 +R 200 each
    15 +R 180 each
    20 +R 170 each
    30 +R 160 each
    40 +R 150 each
    50 +R 130 each
    75 +R 120 each
    100 +R 110 each NOW ONLY R71.50 each
    150 +Please contact us.
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Using your barcode:

Once you receive you barcode through us it is a fairly straight forward process of incorporating an image into the product packaging. From here once the barcode is printed on your product, a retailer will receive your product and scan the information (price, product name, reordering information etc) into their system. This way, every time the barcode is scanned from that point onwards, the product information will appear.

You can resize the barcode when putting it on your product packaging if you want, however you should take note of the barcode dimensions if you are intending on doing this.

“thank you for your promptness it is greatly appreciated. I will get the cheque and send it off tomorrow ” Marilyn