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UPC Barcode Packages

EAN-13 barcodes are used on all retail products except for books and magazines. They are used predominantly in North America. Hence, we recommend you buy one of these if you mostly sell your product in the USA or Canada. If you are primarily selling your products outside the USA or Canada, you may wish to consider buying an EAN Barcode instead.

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  • UPC Retail Barcode PackagesUPC A

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    If you buy a barcode package from us below, you will receive the following:
    1. A unique UPC barcode number
    2. Barcode images (in 4 different formats: jpeg, png, SVG & pdf)
    3. A guarantee certificate
    4. Free Barcode Registration on the International Barcodes Database.

    Quantity Price per Barcode
    1 R 275
    2 R 260 each
    3-4 R 230 each
    5 + R 200 each
    10 + R 180 each
    15 + R 175 each
    20 + R 170 each
    30 + R 160 each
    40 + R 150 each
    50 + R 130 each
    75 + R 120 each
    100 + R 110 each NOW ONLY R71.50 each
    150 + Please contact us.


custom logoUPC-A Barcode PackageUPC-A Barcode Package
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*This is optional but will help increase the internet profile of your product and ensure that some cellphone app scanners, such as the Zebra app, will show your product information when your barcode is scanned.

Please see our Barcode specifications page and how to use your barcode. Contact us if you have any issues with this.

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Here are some common questions:

[Expand How many barcodes do I need?] It is best practice to get a different barcode for each product or product variation. This is because stores use barcodes for two primary purposes: 1. Barcodes are used to obtain the price of the product when scanned at the checkout. 2. Barcodes are used for keeping track of stock and deciding when to reorder an item.

This means that if the retailers only use barcodes for option 1, you can get away with having the same barcode for 2 product variations (i.e. different colours of the same product). However, if the retailer uses barcodes for option 2, then a different barcode will be required for each product variation.

In general, retailers prefer to stock products that will be straightforward to manage. Some retailers may prefer not to stock products if they manually count how many are left of each size and reorder accordingly. Therefore it is recommended that you have a different barcode for each variation.[/expand]

[Expand Will Your Barcodes Work Worldwide?] Yes, they will. We can supply both EAN-13 Barcodes (used worldwide) and UPC-A Barcodes (in the USA and Canada).[/expand]

[Expand Do Your Barcodes Work in Every Shop?] Our barcodes are accepted in nearly all stores worldwide. However, there are a few exceptions. For further details, please see Barcode Acceptance.[/expand]

[Expand What Type of Barcode Do I Need?] If you’re not sure which kind of barcode you need for your product, our quick rule of thumb is as follows:
Selling in the USA = UPC-A
Selling internationally = EAN-13[/expand]

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please take a look at our answers to common questions.