Barcode Products

  • Buy Barcodes – Purchase cheap barcodes from Barcode1 South Africa here for a one-off cost.
  • Why Buy from us? – The reasons to buy from Barcode1 South Africa
  • Amazon barcodes – Purchase barcodes for Amazon here – these can also be used with other online stores (i.e. Itunes)
  • Book and magazine barcodes – Arrange for barcodes to be produced for your book or magazine. ISBN or ISSN numbers are required for this first. Details on obtaining these can also be found here.
  • CD barcodes – Buy Barcodes for your CD’s here. These can be used in retail stores or online.
  • DVD Barcodes – Buy barcodes for your DVD here for online users and physical retail store use.
  • Barcode labels – Purchase sticky labels for your product here. These barcode labels can be manually applied if you do not already have a barcode on a pre-printed product.
  • Barcode prices – Here, you can get an idea of the total cost of barcoding. It has a price list of all of our barcode products.
  • Products using our barcodes – this is a selection of the products using our barcodes.