Barcode Pricing

This page shows the pricing of our most common barcode products, the titles are links to the product where they can be purchased.

Barcode Numbers (incl. barcode images, barcode registration & guarantee)

QuantityPrice per Barcode (buy barcodes here)
1R 275 each
2R 260 each
3R 250 each
4R 220 each
5 +R 200 each
10R 180 each
15R 170 each
20R 160 each
30R 150 each
40R 140 each
50R 130 each
75R 120 each
100+R 110 each
150 +Please contact us.

Barcode Images

Images for EAN-13 (or UPC-A) barcode numbers not purchased from our company

Also for other types of barcodes: ISBN or ISSN barcodes (books & magazines), QR Codes, ITF-14 Carton Codes (GTIN/TUN), Code 128 and Code 39.

QuantityPrice per image (buy images here)
1R 160
2R 140 each
3R 110 each
4 +R 80 each


Images for EAN-13 (or UPC-A) barcode number purchased from our company

QuantityPrice per image
1 +R 25
5 +R 20 each
10 +R 15 each
20 +R 10 each
30 +R 8.5 each


Barcode Registration

this is included in the barcode packages, but can be purchased if you have an ISBN number, or have purchased barcodes through another company

QuantityPrice per Barcode
1 + R 320 each
5 + R 280 each
10 + R 240 each
20 + R 200 each
30 + R 160 each
50 + R 120 each


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