How to Use Your Barcode

EAN barcode image (retail barcode)

If you purchased a retail (EAN) barcode from us, you will receive an email containing:
a. Your unique 13-digit EAN barcode number;
b. Your barcode images (in 5 different formats – jpeg, eps, pdf, tiff & bmp); and
c. A guarantee certificate.
d. Barcode registration.

After you receive your barcode, you can begin using it immediately – just follow the steps below.

1. Insert the barcode image into the design your product packaging or label

Choose the image format you prefer (jpeg, eps, pdf, tiff or bmp), and insert the barcode image into the design for your product packaging or label, before printing. Resize the barcode image if necessary. The smallest officially recommended barcode size (for EAN barcodes) is approximately 20mm x 30mm. For more information please see our barcode dimensions page.

If you want to change the barcode colours (instead of going with the standard black bars on a white background) please see our Barcode Colour Guide PDF

For creative barcode ideas please see our barcode artwork page. If you are changing your barcode please make sure that any design/art does not overlap with the actual barcode image itself (the vertical bars and spaces, and a 3mm blank gap on the left and right sides of the barcode).

2. Print your product packaging or label

Get your product packaging or labels printed.

3. Give your product to your retailers

When you give your product to your retailers, they will enter the barcode number & product details into their inventory system. After that, when your barcode is scanned, your product details will appear on their screen.


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