Cheap Barcodes

The cheapest way to get barcodes is to go through a barcode reseller (like us) rather than going through GS1, who charge all sorts of membership fees etc (this makes it very expensive long term). Our barcodes come from the same system as GS1, but are now outside of their control.

While it is good to get reseller barcodes as they are sold for a one off cost, it is important to be sure that they come from a legitimate source. Some companies advertise barcodes very cheap on line (i.e. 50c per barcode), but they are hard to contact and often do not source their barcodes from a good place (or at all). In these cases it is a false economy to purchase with them as the amount saved on the barcodes is quickly spend as well as much more if your printed product is needed to be rebarcoded.

We can show you that our barcode numbers are legitimate and guarantee that they have never been used before. Furthermore we check our numbers for illegal use before sale in order to ensure that you won’t have any legal hassles enforcing your ownership. Please see why buy from us for more advantages to our numbers.