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How we are different

Authentic service you can trust

    • South African and Internationally standard barcodes.
    • Accepted more widely than barcodes from any other seller.
    • Complimentary barcode registration with barcode packages purchased

The barcodes are yours for life

  • No license fees or ongoing fees of any kind
  • Barcode packages include; a barcode number, images, a guarantee and barcode registration.
  • The barcodes are yours for life.

Can be trusted to deliver

  • Speedy responses to enquiries.
  • Long term, supportive customer service.
  • Immediate delivery for standard orders and quick delivery of other orders.

Why people chose us

 I wish to acknowledge receipt of the barcode. I further wish to thank you for the constant engangement and warm customer relations you have. I will contact you soon as I need another one for a different product I wish to introduce soon- Edward C
 Hi David! wow - that was fast!  Thank you so much- Luigi S
 David, I very much appreciate your very quick response and willingness to help.- Dave P
Many thanks for the quick service! i can get our CD's printed now :)- James
I read your front page with great interest and some merriment – how accurate!- Sian H
Many thanks for the info David, that’s a real help. - Danielle B

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