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Barcodes: As familiar as a braai on a sunny day. From the products we buy at the local spaza to the books we borrow, these distinctive black-and-white patterns have become a part of our daily life in Mzansi. Yet, how many of us are adept at creating, scanning, or troubleshooting them? Don’t let those lines and dots throw you off. Harness the versatility of barcodes to optimise your business, manage stock, or simply quench your tech thirst. Start your barcode journey with us. Delve into our clear and concise barcode video tutorials and transform those patterns into mighty tools for communication and business.

Why Watch Our Tutorials?

  1. From Novice to Expert: Our video range transitions you from the ground up to mastery.
  2. For All South Africans: Whether you’re a retailer, librarian, or just tech-curious, our videos cater to every South African’s needs.
  3. Clear and Practical Guidance: Every video simplifies complex concepts into easy, step-by-step instructions supported by vivid visuals.
  4. Troubleshooting Wisdom: Got a barcode that’s acting up? Our videos will steer you through common snags and their solutions.

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