Custom Barcodes

What advantages does barcode customization have?

The barcode will still work in the same way. Hence, the main advantage of barcode customization is to add some interest to your barcode. This can catch the eye of your customer and set your product apart from the others.

How do you customize a barcode?

The way to customize a barcode is to create an image that incorporates the barcode bars into it. You should avoid cutting into the barcode bars, which will affect how easily the barcode scans. Keep in mind the barcode specifications when doing this. The scannable part of the image should fit the barcode specifications.

How to get a custom barcode?

The best way to get a custom barcode is to either talk to your graphic designer or talk to us – we may help you arrange this. You can create one yourself if you want, but you will need some graphic design knowledge.


Sample images

See sample images here below.

Pack of smokes barcodeStretch Zebra barcodeSleep barcodePizza barcodeUmbrella barcode


See our Barcode Artwork page for more samples, or contact us to arrange a custom barcode.