Lemon & Vinegar PTY LTD

Lemon & Vinegar (PTY) LTD., is an agricultural production and processing company. Originally founded in 2014, in Botswana, we generate value by leveraging the creativity of partnering with local suppliers in our processes. We engage in our daily business activities under the basic commitment of contributing to the sustainable empowerment of various industries in Africa and ensuring profitability of stakeholders. We pride ourselves in quality products, service and efficiency.

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Lemon &Vinegar products are free from artificial preservatives and colourants.

Their range includes dried fruits and nuts mix, biltong, jams, jellies, marmalades and chutneys. They use barcodes from us, barcode1.co.za

Lemon & Vinegar trail mix Lemon & Vinegar jam Lemon & Vinegar biltong