UPC Barcode

What is a UPC Barcode?

UPC Barcodes are a retail barcode used on all retail products except for books and magazines, predominantly in the USA and Canada. These are very similar to EAN-13 barcodes. The differences are that EAN-13 barcodes have 13 digits compared with the 12 digit UPC-A barcodes. The differences between these retail barcodes can be seen here.

How to get a UPC Barcode?

You can buy UPC Barcodes here. Once we receive an order, we will email you your barcodes with the images as attached files. You can then incorporate the barcodes into your product packaging in a visible flat location. You can also change the size of the barcode at this stage if you wish. However, you should refer to the barcode specifications if you are planning on doing that.

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