UPC Retail Barcode Packages

INSTANT DELIVERY BY EMAIL – Your email will contain your UPC-A barcode number, the barcode images as attached files (in 4 different formats), a request for barcode registration information, and a guarantee certificate.

This product includes free registration on the International Barcodes Database

Note: UPC Barcodes are “American standard” and suitable for retail products sold primarily or exclusively in the USA or Canada. If your product is for sale anywhere else in the world – or worldwide – then please purchase “EAN-13 Barcode Packages” instead (EAN-13 barcodes are more common everywhere else worldwide).

QuantityPrice per Barcode
1R 275
2R 260 each
3-4R 230 each
5 +R 200 each
10 +R 180 each
15 +R 175 each
20 +R 170 each
30 +R 160 each
40 +R 150 each
50 +R 130 each
75 +R 120 each
100 +R 110 each NOW ONLY R71.50 each
150 +Please contact us.


UPC Barcode Package